DentOffice online application

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Starting page

DENTIST section

Contains the login form for dental offices. Only after logging in can the application be used. The user and password required for logging will be received by signing a contract for the use of the application. The registration of the cabinet in our database to be found after searching by a potential customer is FREE.

I'M A PATIENT section

1. In the " I want to check medical history " form, by entering the unique personal code (automatically generated by the application), patients can access their medical history online. The unique code is generated automatically when a cabinet inserts the patient's personal data into its database using our application.

2. In the form " I'm looking for a dental office ", anyone can search for all dental offices placed in our database by entering the city where the search is done.

Profile Page

It contains information about the dental office, the table with the total number of patients registered in the dental office, the search form of a particular patient based on the name and surname or date of birth and the addition of a new patient to the database. In addition to each patient, there are two buttons on the patient list: the button for displaying the patient's data and the patient's delete button, from the database. The search for a patient can be done by entering one of the two required values in the form: the patient's name and surname or date of birth. Data about the dental office can only be changed by the administrator of the application (website). The dental office will submit electronically the new information that needs to be changed.

Patient page

Contains all patient related information: personal data, dental records, treatments and radiographs. The patient's personal data can be changed at any time by pressing the 'Change details' button. To return to the main page (containing information about all patients), use the '' back to previous page'' button.

Personal data Tab

It contains the patient's personal data.

Tab Dental File

Contains information about the patient's dental file. The "Work done" table contains all the information related to the patient's dental file interventions. To insert a new diagnosis in the patient's dental file, select the "tooth" in the corresponding tooth group, enter the diagnosis and click the "Add" button. Tooth groups are: Maxillary right- contains teeth 11, 12 incisive, 13 canine, 14,15 premolar and 16,17,18 molar Maxillary left - contains teeth 21,22 incisive, 23 canine, 14,25 premolar and 26,27,28 molar Right mandibular/jaw - contains teeth 41,42 incisive, 43 canine, 44,45 premolar and 46,47,48 molar Left mandibular/jaw – contains teeth 31,32 incisive, 33 canine, 34,35 premolar and 36,37,38 molar

"Treatments" Tab

Contains information about all treatments on the patient. Information is structured into categories.

There are 6 categories: Aesthetics, Endodontics, Caries treatment and Filling, Prosthetics, Urgent and Surgery.

"X-Rays" Tab

Contains all radiographs saved for that patient.

By pressing the "Load X-rays" button, you can load a new image containing the patient's X-ray. The steps are as follows: Click the '' Upload image '' button, choose the appropriate image from your computer and then confirm by pressing the 'OKAY' button.

"Medical questionnaire" Tab

Contains 35 questions for each patient:

1. Are you under the supervision of a doctor now? For what?

2.Name and address of the attending physician/family doctor

3.Have you been hospitalized or have had a serious condition in the last 5 years? If yes, explain

4.Have you been transfused? For what?

5.Lately, are there changes to your health?

6.When was the last medical check up?

7.Have you suffered from a serious condition or have you been operated? If yes, explain

8.Have you had abnormal bleeding on extractions?

9.Do you easily get bruise?

10.Do you have cancer/tumor?

11.Have you had a head surgery?

12.Do you take drugs? What?

13.Do you take antibiotics?

14.Do you take sulfamides?

15.Do you take anticoagulants?

16.Do you take tranquilizers?

17.Do you take insulin or other antibiotics?

18.Medication for heart disease?

19.Do you take nitroglycerin?

20.Do you take birth control pills?

21.Are you allergic to local anesthetics?

22.Are you allergic to penicillin or other antibiotics?

23.Are you allergic to Sulfamide?

24.Are you allergic to Barbiturates, sedatives, sleeping pills?

25.Are you allergic to Aspirin?

26.Are you allergic to Iodine?

27.Are you allergic to Codeine or other narcotics?

28.Are you allergic to other drugs not listed above?

29.Have you had any problems with previous dental treatments? If yes, explain

30.Have you followed an orthodontic treatment?

31.Did you follow a periodontal treatment?

32.Will the gum bleed on the brush?

33.Do you often experience mouth lesions?

34.Have you suffered any trauma in your mouth? What?

35.Did you show painful points, tumefaction in your lips?